5 Steps to Overcoming Being “Churched”

I’ve been churched. Church, in it’s correct grammar usage is considered a noun; a building where people congregate for religious praise and worship. Amongst some Christians it is a living, breathing thing, one that refers to the congregation. But for me “churched” is a verb; a process that began during my childhood when I first…
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Finding Comfort in Death

    Day One: Langston Hughes‘ Birthday, The First Day of Black History Month, My Views on Death What I’m about to share is a total contradiction to the popular quotes and hashtags that proclaim no regrets…ever: Every few months without warning I take careful inventory of my regrets and I mourn the life that I…
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Adventures of a Storyteller: Responsibility

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It was 7:34 AM on an October morning. My Twitter account had been consumed by a single tweet that had been retweeted again and again and again. It was my story they were tweeting about. People were relating to my story. I had not only been published by a publication I respect, I had been retweeted,…
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The Epidemic of One-Sided Friendships


The epidemic of one-sided friendships didn’t begin with Girlfriends’ Joan and Toni. If today’s celebrity Twitter beefs and chart topping songs, “Loyal” and “No New Friends,” are any indication of the state of friendship and the constant balancing act that keeps them afloat, then the epidemic of one-sided friendships deserves a hashtag and a spring…
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10 Questions Tag

Am I terrible for taking a blogging hiatus only to pop in ever so often to give my commentary on current events?  And now to answer 10 questions about me knowing that there is no audience–aside from my writing partner Kenya, creator of KG-Edits, who was kind enough to tag me to participate in this…
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This Is Not a Test: The Aftermath


What should have been done and what could have been done are two entirely different things My thought process arrested between a nightmare and a dream I long to release any emotion Even a cry Because tears could cleanse my heartache and make me anew But my tears could never erase the memory of you…
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Infant Mortality & Hospital Blood Screening Delays

I use to want to be a New Year’s baby. In my dreams my mother–jaw clenched, sweat dripping from her brow, hair slicked back into a damp ponytail–would be pushing at five minutes till midnight, when finally at 12 o’clock the doctor would be holding me in the air, Simba-style yelling, “It’s a girl!”  That…
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