5 Life Lessons From Hollywood’s Fictional Colleges and Universities


Over the next several weeks college and university students across America will be celebrating homecoming: home to football games, tailgating parties, steps shows, Greek letter organizations, drunken nights followed by drunken days followed by more drunken nights and all of the irresponsible subsidiaries of alcohol and underage drinking, camaraderie, alumni mixing and mingling, and for…
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‘Orange is the New Black’ Has Plenty Real Life Material to Use in Season 4 & I Hope They Don’t Muck It Up


A second chance is one of the most coveted opportunities, especially considering that the next opportunity—if there is a next–could be the third and final strike. Hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black (OITNB) delivered in its first season and over delivered when given a second chance with Season 2.  The third season of OITNB was yet another success, raking…
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Un-edited: An Excerpt

I just don’t give an eff. That has been my silent mantra and daily affirmation for the past five to seven years of my life when I have given the most effs. My use of “eff” in lieu of fuck is a pretty clear indication that despite my once daily affirmation, I still give an eff….
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8 Times We Were Catfished by Celebrity Personas

Bill Cosby will officially go down in the record books, not to mention a great deal of legal court documents, as the grandpappy of catfish shenanigans.  Aside from the overwhelming number of politicians and police departments in every city and township, USA, who other than America’s Father and favorite pudding pop pusher could have catfished…
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25 Song Lyrics that Instantly Improve Your Mood & Self-Esteem


With the millennium came a host of catchy sayings, slogans, and most recently, hashtags and captions. Some of the most infamous hashtags and captions have been Beyoncé’s #Flawless, #IWokeUpLikeThis, or if you’re really cool, #IWokeUpLikeDis; and Nicki Minaj’s #FeelinMyself and #PrettyonFleek.  These hashtags and captions, coupled with the new age techno courage and keyboard gansta-ism…
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5 Steps to Overcoming Being “Churched”

I’ve been churched. Church, in it’s correct grammar usage is considered a noun; a building where people congregate for religious praise and worship. Amongst some Christians it is a living, breathing thing, one that refers to the congregation. But for me “churched” is a verb; a process that began during my childhood when I first…
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Finding Comfort in Death

    Day One: Langston Hughes‘ Birthday, The First Day of Black History Month, My Views on Death What I’m about to share is a total contradiction to the popular quotes and hashtags that proclaim no regrets…ever: Every few months without warning I take careful inventory of my regrets and I mourn the life that I…
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