Infant Mortality & Hospital Blood Screening Delays

I use to want to be a New Year’s baby. In my dreams my mother–jaw clenched, sweat dripping from her brow, hair slicked back into a damp ponytail–would be pushing at five minutes till midnight, when finally at 12 o’clock the doctor would be holding me in the air, Simba-style yelling, “It’s a girl!”  That…
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 Acne, Accutane, and Elementary School

In a 60-minute scripted television segment I counted twelve commercials selling acne products that claimed to all but miraculously deliver to consumers a brand new face in just 7-10 business days all for no more than $30, excluding shipping and handling.  What none of these commercials highlighted were children.  Despite the reported rise in children–even…
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What Are You Doing to Damage Your Children?

Every parent screws his or her child up in one-way or another. Even the most successful and well-meaning parents do something to their children that will undoubtedly follow them into adulthood and maybe even on the couch of a therapist. (Sorry Mom and Dad, but you’ve damaged me.  Congratulations on creating someone special though!)  Every…
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The Time I Almost Became a Mistress

I wish I could say that I never flirted with the idea of accepting an offer to be an “in-home” mistress and glorified beck and call girl. Even before the ubiquitous Olivia Pope, and “side-chicks be winning” phenomenon, a man with a wife and four children somehow found himself lonely, and proposed–not on bended knee…
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Holy, Not Happy

Marriage is less about two people being happy and in love, and more about two people committed to being holy. Fornicating is for the happy.  Reproduction and sanctified sex are for the holy, or at least that was the directive I was given from a woman who has been living in holy matrimony with her…
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Generation Next: Filling the Void of Black Leaders

Our generation has been verbally attacked for our ignorance, crassness, self-indulgence, and an inability to do more with more—more technology, more rights and liberties, more access to…well everything. So in the wake of our ancestors either passing on or simply passing the torch, who in this selfie-obsessed era of twerking, p-popping, and turning up can…
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Superhero Hype

I want to be hero. Donned in a one-piece latex suit and hair that changes colors. An immortal super freak with selective hearing and memory. I want to be a shero who saves herself from herself. A woman with go-go gadgets to extinguish every problem that arises. I want to be her. The pretty one…
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Dating a Guy Who Lives With His Ex

Living with his mama when he isn’t considered her caregiver is sadly 10-steps above him living with an ex of any kind: ex- stalker, ex-lover, ex-girlfriend, ex-wife. Just “X” her out all together. living with an ex of any kind: ex- stalker, ex-lover, ex-girlfriend, ex-wife. Just “X” her out…Click To TweetPowered By CoSchedule Note that…
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BeQuoted: Dr. Maya Angelou

On today we celebrate the life of a truly phenomenal woman, an icon, a beautiful spirit…Her death is a celebration of her life and her legacy.  ~BeQuoted    

I’ve Got A Love Jones


“Love Jones” has, and will continue to ruin plenty of relationships. For the record, “Love Jones” isn’t the first and last name of some exotic lover, it is the 90’s romantic drama that has had me, and a host of other finger-snapping, very deep, and very horny folks absolutely obsessed with this classic. Even with…
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